Departing Notes

As we zero in on our final hours in the PNW we reflect back to when we came up with the wild idea of selling our home, buying an RV, quitting our jobs and hitting the road.  People’s reactions to our plans have varied quit a bit. Most people reacted by saying they wish to do the same, “some day” and  I suspect  a few of them will.

Others said they’ll work until they’re dead or they could never leave for that long. In short, for all that see this as an exciting adventure ,there’s just as many that see it as risky, unobtainable or something that would result in too much anxiety.

There’s a delicate time balance which we keenly recognize. It’s the balance between being able to do what we love vs waiting too long and trading those things for what we’re “able”to do.

We want to see the country and experience it doing what we love, ie, bike UP the mountains , hike the rigorous trails, paddle the big swells and we can do those things NOW.

What if we waited 10, 15 or 20 years? Our time here on earth isn’t guaranteed but if we’re granted those years  we could probably travel the country, but, could we bike up that mountain? Would we have the strength and/or desire to hike the hardest trails and the courage to paddle the big swells?  Those are big unknowns and the type risk we’re not willing to take.

We suspect we’ll have some challenges ahead but we won’t sit around 20 or 30 years from now saying “what if”, “why didn’t we” or “wish we had”.

We hope you’ll follow along on our journey and who knows, maybe we’ll see you out there!

Beth & Rob

2 thoughts on “Departing Notes

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures. We will miss you but enjoy living vicariously through your blog. Stay safe and keep us posted.

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