New Beginnings

New beginnings seemed like a good name for this entry because full time RV Life is full of new beginnings ie. new trails to ride and hike, people to meet and areas to explore.

Other then some serious downsizing there was a lot of prep work that led to launch day. Throughout the next 18 months I’ll highlight a few of those things such as building out a forecasting and budget spreadsheet, all things traveling with dogs, back up parts and tools bin, gas discounts card, researching our campsites, etc

We left Kingston, WA on Wednesday and despite our best efforts to not travel through Portland, OR traffic, we ended up passing through Portland at a snails pace at 4:30pm, we got comfortable said our mantra, “Roll With It” and slowly rolled on through. Lesson number 1 ( that I learned from racing), don’t stress over things you can’t control, instead, embrace it and be appreciative for the opportunity to even be there.

We arrived at Champoeg State Heritage area just as the sun was setting and came upon a very tight spot that was apparently large enough for our rig… After a few attempts at getting into it a fellow camper came over and said we were way to big for the spot, he made a call to the Park Ranger, she moved us and the man stayed with us until we were set. We were so thankful for the help and learned quickly that there’s some really nice people at campgrounds.

We’re now in Grants Pass Oregon before we make our way down to Petaluma, CA where we’ll adventure for 2 weeks on the Coast Guard base we lived on for 5 years. We’re looking forward to connecting with old friends, visiting our favorite trails and seeing the dogs first reaction to giant wild turkeys (don’t worry, there will be epic pics of that encounter).

Click here to check out pics of the trails we hiked and biked in Grants Pass.

See you in a week or so,


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  1. Rob better let me know when he wants to grab a beverage of choice while in Petaluma! Looks like you all are having fun!

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