Who says you, “can’t go back?”

There’s this saying about never being able to go back and about how things change and will never be the same. We arrived here at USCG Training Center Petaluma about a week ago. Our campsite is about 200 yards from where we lived 1999-2003. Rob was stationed here, we lived here and I attended the USCG EMT school and interned with the Fire Department. For 4 years this was a home we truly loved, the area, the people and the endless activities always at our fingertips. There were so many feelings as we drove the final 9 miles along Tomales Rd to the front gate. Would we still love it? Would Rob be sad living on base so soon after the end of his 33 year Coast Guard career? What if it changed? What if it’s true and you just, “can’t go back“?

It only took a couple hours before Rob ran into old friends, we hit the gym and walked the snoops up Texas Hill. We admired, reminisced, laughed and hugged old friends. It was fuel for our soul and like we never left. It was then that we realized that this trip was, is so needed. It’s easier to get caught up in an exhausting routine and sort of lose your way than it is to realize that you need a change and that maybe that change is a bit of reliving some of your best times while throwing in a few new adventures . To see a few pics of the base and our home until November 15th, click HERE

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