Bisbee, AZ

Art, hiking, biking, food & fun!

Bisbee, AZ has to be one of the most fun and interesting towns I’ve ever been to. You can’t look in any direction without seeing art. The homes have art built into them, there’s art hanging everywhere and there’s even an alleyway decorated with paintings. The sunsets are their own beautiful piece of canvas with such bright colors livening up the old copper mines. Each day we’d walk around town and notice something beautiful.

We did a few cool “hikes” in Bisbee. Our first hike was up to the famous shrine where many people have made shrines honoring their loved ones. It’s peaceful at the top of shrine mountain and the view of Bisbee from there is amazing.

Sitting atop another mountain is a giant B, of course we had to hike up to it. If you choose to hike to the B, talk to a local first. The trails aren’t t very clear and it took us some time to find it. You get a slightly different view from the B than you do from the shrine as you can see Mexico peaking out behind the copper mines.

Our final “hike” was the famous Bisbee 1000 stair challenge. Bisbee is known for its many long and interesting stairways. Some are metal, some concrete and they all provide for a fun workout. Give yourself a couple hours for this and follow the green arrows as they’re more accurate than the map. This is the best way to see all the cool art that winds throughout the town.

Bisbee has great food & a cool little brewery, the Mexican food was very good. If you chose to visit Bisbee (you should!), check out the Queen Mine Tour. I’m not typically into touristy things but I really enjoyed this tour and the hosts are hilarious.

We stayed at the Queen Mine RV Park, it’s the only RV park in Old Town. It would have been a different experience had we not been in Old Town so try to get a spot there. The site was on the smaller side but we were able to get our 45′ 5th wheel in OK and open all slides no problem.

The dogs loved Bisbee. While the campground doesn’t have much to offer dogs, the hiking was dog friendly and they enjoyed every minute of it.

Bisbee is a town everyone should visit!

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