Which Type of RV is Right for Me ?

I see this question posted daily on various RV FB sites I follow. Whether you’re interested in full time RV life or weekend + vacations, the type of RV that fits your needs depends on many factors of which I’ll break down in this blog post. Single vs Family Flexibility & Finances Types of RV’sContinue reading “Which Type of RV is Right for Me ?”

Tornado Warnings, Swimming and New Cool Hobbies

Our three months in Florida were filled with lot’s of “news”. I’ll start with my favorites, swimming in springs, roasting coffee, living on a farm and no climb technical, mountain biking. Springs are now my favorite way to swim open water. I don’t have to worry about sharks, the water is crystal clear and whileContinue reading “Tornado Warnings, Swimming and New Cool Hobbies”

Amazing Florida HipCamp

We found a diamond in the ruff here in Old Town, FL. There’s so much we love about it, neighborhood feel with friendly and welcoming neighbors, river at the end of the street, swimming springs a short drive away, biking trails and the big stores only a 45 minute drive. We made a little VIDEOContinue reading “Amazing Florida HipCamp”

RV Trip Planning & Money Saving Tips

When planning for an RV adventure or full time RV life the big questions are (1) how much will this cost, (2) how can I save money and (3) what do I need. Our RV Gear Shop gives you a pretty good idea of what you’ll need, check it out to get a sense ofContinue reading “RV Trip Planning & Money Saving Tips”

Bisbee, AZ

Art, hiking, biking, food & fun! Bisbee, AZ has to be one of the most fun and interesting towns I’ve ever been to. You can’t look in any direction without seeing art. The homes have art built into them, there’s art hanging everywhere and there’s even an alleyway decorated with paintings. The sunsets are theirContinue reading “Bisbee, AZ”

Who says you, “can’t go back?”

There’s this saying about never being able to go back and about how things change and will never be the same. We arrived here at USCG Training Center Petaluma about a week ago. Our campsite is about 200 yards from where we lived 1999-2003. Rob was stationed here, we lived here and I attended theContinue reading “Who says you, “can’t go back?””