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Organized lists of RV gear with the ability to shop from a click

  • Basic Gear: things you shouldn’t get on the road without, includes winter RV’ing.
  • Repair & Prevention Gear: items used to help keep your RV in good working order and things that are good to have as either back up/for quick repairs.
  • Extra Gear: items to help make RV life more comfortable as well as add to the fun.
  • RV’ing Dog Gear: features products designed to help keep your dogs safe on the road as well as make RV Life more comfortable for them and you.

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The RV’ing Dog

Find campsites throughout the US and suggest new ones!

In addition to a gear list for your best friend, you’ll find a directory for the 2+ dog RV family. The directory allows dog owners to suggest new campgrounds and HipCamps as well as comment about their stays. With places being suggested daily, this resource will continue to grow and become even more valuable (if you’ve ever tried to find a CG with more than 2 dogs, you know how great this is). There’s also a link for tips and tricks for successful RV adventures with your BFF (best fury friend).

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Check Lists

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Checklists are important for RV life, these are easy to use and you can add notes into the lists.

  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Hitching
  • Unhitching

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Troubleshooting Forum

Need help?

Fellow RV’ers are the best resource when you need help troubleshooting issues or even just advice on tackling various RV tasks. This well organized, free forum, focuses on maintaining, repairing and troubleshooting all things RV.

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RV Fitness Tips

Keep your fitness while on the road!

Gym memberships and exercise equipment can be a hassle with the mobile RV life so it’s important to be able to adapt your fitness routine to your environment. With RV Fitness you’ll have examples of exercises conducive to the RV life as well as a way to track your workouts.

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The fun stuff!

You know those long days on the road and you just need something to take your mind off the many miles? We do, that’s why we created RV Fun Quiz’s. Quiz’s are based around all things RV, such as road side attractions, RV history , RV’s and movies and more. New quiz’s will be added every couple months.

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You’ll also find a tab for Adventuring RV videos, have a look . We love to highlight great locations as well as tips we’ve found useful for full time RV life.